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Jun 19 2017

The First Step to Achieve Chiropractic Wellness!

There are four basic levels of chiropractic treatment that will eventually lead a patient to the ultimate goal of achieving chiropractic wellness. Each patient’s experience will vary based on their unique case history, health status, age, and inherited family strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we will discuss the highest level of health wholeness achieved through chiropractic treatment.

Level 1 - Return to Optimum Health

Chiropractic wellness, or optimum health, means that the patient is free from any damage that could be caused by subluxations in the spine. There are several benefits a patient will experience when they have achieved optimum health:

Jun 05 2017

Many people can remember when they were young complaining of leg pain that woke them up in the middle of the night. It seemed there was no remedy for their pain. Your own children may be experiencing the same type of pain. This pain, commonly referred to as “growing pains,” is defined as reoccurring limb pain, affecting 25% to 40% of children ages 2–12 years, and is a common disorder resulting from stress to the nervous system. The pain can range from an achy, throbbing feeling to a sharp pain in the legs. Some children also complain of spinal pain.

There are no known medical causes of “growing pains.”  According to one medical study in 1984, seven percent of visits to a pediatrician were because of limb pain. Because there is nothing that can be seen causing the pain, most complaints are brushed off as normal occurrences attributed to daily physical activity. Parents are told this is normal during the growth process and it will pass. Typically, the only treatment suggested is to massage the legs and the use of analgesics. This offers only temporary mild relief.

May 22 2017

Do you know people who are “upbeat” regardless of their circumstances? You probably also know people who are always looking at the down-side of situations. People go through life with certain fixed attitudes, or mentalities. It can either be a “wellness” mentality, or an “illness” mentality. People with an illness mentality believe that the world is basically hostile, unpredictable and out of their control and they expect that mainly unpleasant things will happen to them. On the other hand, those with a wellness mentality believe that the world is basically friendly, and that they control and attract to themselves most of what happens to them through their positive thoughts, words and actions.

There are two main types of patients—those that maintain a wellness mentality in spite of their painful situation--a positive expectation that life is good. There are other patients that look at life with an illness mentality--a certainty that things will generally go from bad to worse for them.


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